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Why you should take the IELTS

Career in IELTS

Some of the most popular uses of IELTS


Academic use

Many reputable universities and colleges require prospective students to be fluent in English.


Business use

Employers want candidates who are fluent in English and communicate with clients in the most professional manner.


Permanent residency

Some governments require that all people applying for permanent residency speak fluent English.

Versions of IELTS

We provide training for two standardised versions of the test

Academic Version

The Academic Version is made for candidates who wish to study at universities, colleges and other institutions of higher education. It is also required for professionals who wish to study and practice in English-speaking countries.

General Training Version

The General Training Version is made for people who wish to gain work experience or who wish to undertake non-academic training. This version of the test is also made for immigration purposes.

More than Solutions

Modules that we cover


This module comprises of 4 sections of increasing difficulty. All sections begin with a short introduction about the situation and the speakers. Both monologues and dialogues are used.


This module has 3 sections. In the Academic module, there are 3 texts typically followed by 13 or 14 questions. The General test has shorter texts so there can be up to 5 texts to read.


This module comprises of 2 tasks that are different for the Academic and General Training versions of the test. In the Academic Version, the first task requires candidates to describe process.


IELTS has a unique speaking module, which is different than other English language proficiency tests.This test module has 3 sections. The first one is taken in a form of an interview.

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Are you looking for the best IELTS coaching Centre?? Kawma is the best choise for your Career.We help you to crack the IELTS exam easily. We focus on all areas of the IELTS test like speaking,listening, reading,writing. You will get the best IELTS coaching for your IELTS preparation.

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