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Service Webinar and seminar
Service Webinar and seminar

We offer

Great way to manage your career

The current COVID-19 crisis has obliged most education systems to adopt alternatives to face-to-face teaching and learning. Many education systems moved activities online, to allow instruction to continue despite different closures.

We offer webinar and seminar for different Courses, they are a great way to manage your professional activities while maintaining social distancing. And while the concept of webinars and seminar to deliver training courses isn’t new, it is now more than ever that learners are choosing as an alternative to face-to-face.

Why we adopt these alternatives


Cost-Effective Learning Tool

Very cost-efficient for every party involved. Students do not have to invest in transportation or accommodation to get an education.


A Wide Variety of Lessons

students can take extra courses, regardless of the geographical distance between where they live and the school offering the course.


Offer a Wider Reach

It allows institutions to reach out to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people instantaneously with exceptional ease compared to face-to-face classes.

in-house project and training Services

In-House programs we offer for you

Kawma offers wide range of projects and courses that can be conducted in the campus for the students. As the competition is at its peak, college needs to prepare their students more efficiently so that they can grab the best opportunity in the market. Each and every student posses different capabilities and the right amount of guidance in the right direction can help them to have great careers ahead. we specialized in providing in-house training and project in the campus premises. We believe in making our programs flexible and smooth so that the students can adhere to it.Our unique training solutions are provided by experts trainer who have experience in various specialized field of technology.

How to do Projects

projects are the stepping stones for getting a good understanding about how professionals’ function in the real industrial environment. Even if there is no chance to get a complete live experience, at least getting an exposure to industry can help in big way for molding the professional in you.

STEPS Approach

With an objective of taking a more comprehensive approach to academic project guidance, STEPS is offering projects on different platforms, which students can choose from. STEPS provide this limited opportunity in association with CELSWA DIGITALS Pvt. Ltd., which is the 8 years of industrial experience.

Project Highlights

We offer Software Projects in Java, ASP.NET, PHP ETC... The Projects are chosen in such a way to be in line with the needs of the changing business world, making use of the technological advancements. We offer an opportunity to students in order to learn something useful in future at your actual jobs.

There are plenty of benefits that come with offering
in-house Programs

Increased Convenience

it's much more convenient to train Students at campus than sending them to an off site training session.

Team Building Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to collaborate with coworkers and build stronger relationships with them.


In-house training can be cost-effective in the long run, too.Less time is wasted and productivity isn't halted.

Tailoring to Your Work

With in-house training, your team can tailor the training resources to meet the specific needs and goals of your work.

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Our training programs offer you infinite career growth


KAWMA INTERNATIONAL LLP is STED COUNCIL, AUTODESK Certified and the most trusted Training Partner. Our training programs offer you infinite career growth and lofty salaries and adapt you to the most challenging job requirements. Apart from making your CV stand out, our courses will equip you with aggressive employability required by the modern job market.STED Council certification which is an Autonomous Body and a National Level Educational Organization

The meKAWMAcertificates issued by STED COUNCIL are accredited and recognized by globally renowned consultants, institutions and quality management, international accreditation Organizations making our certificate valid across the world and creating immense opportunities for each and every passing out student in the world job market. Certificate holder can apply for public/private sector job in India & abroad.

Scholarship opportunity we offer for You

At the end of the course, there will be a test for evaluating students and give schoolarship. Selected bright student from college will be awarded with a scholarship and will be eligible to study a course worth Rs 50,000 for free.



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