KAWMA INTERNATIONAL LLP Terms and Conditions for Student Registration

Last Updated: January 1, 2024

  1. Mode of Study and Payment:
  2. Registration Fee:
  3. Payment for Classes:
  4. Email Communication:
  5. Unchangeable Information:
  6. Feedback:
  7. Complaints and Queries:
  8. Bill Accuracy:
  9. Document Submission:
  10. Practical Training:
  11. Examinations:
  12. Certificate Issuance:
  13. Placement Assistance:
  14. Front Office Communication:
  15. Certificate Delivery:

Additional Terms for Learn 2024 Program:

The Learn 2024 Program is designed for students who are struggling to pay fees. Under this scheme, students can complete their studies by paying half the fees.


  • After payment of registration fee, if you have no interest to continue course further, if you want a refund, please send an email within 24 hours and ensure that the admission is fully closed,Registration fee will not be refunded under any circumstances after 24 hours of registration payment received.
  • In case of mid-course dropout or cancellation of the course, the amount paid as course fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • If the course fee is not paid on the due dates, course admission will be cancelled and no further services will not be provided.